Protect your data in the cloud with fragmentiX secret sharing storage appliances

Using the more than 40 years old method of Secret Sharing – first published by Adi Shamir in 1979 – you can now protect your data in public and hybrid cloud storages better than in your datacenter


We Make Digital Souvereignty Possible

Use cloud technologies safely

With the rising amount of data we generate, read or share everyday, cloud storages become necessary for long-term storage.

Secure your data and files

In the age of quantum computers, current protective measures such as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and asymmetric encryption alone are no longer sufficient to adequately protect stored data. In the near future, quantum computers will be able to decrypt asymmetrically encrypted data.

Customize your solution

Our technology allows you to not only customize a network of appliances, but also the details about your data storage locations and the level of security.

Trust only yourself

There is no need to only trust one cloud provider with the entirety of your data. By using several clouds, or storage LOCATIONS, you can enjoy your digital sovereignty.


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A word from our founder

“We at fragmentiX are convinced that every individual human being, every company of any size as well as every state has the right to achieve Digital Sovereignty.

As an Austrian and European IT company, we want to ensure that every citizen and company can effectively protect their knowledge and data against the effects of asymmetric hybrid warfare, data theft and industrial espionage.”


Werner Strasser, CEO fragmentix Storage Solutions


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