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In a digitally sovereign world...

... only you have access to your data and it is only in your own hands whether and with whom you want to share your data - without worrying about data abuse or data loss. Our mission is to support you in achieving and maintaining your digital sovereignty when it comes to storing your data by using secret sharing technology.

fragmentiX products are simple to use long time storage solutions that are secure even in the age of quantum computers.    

You are in Control

Only you have access to your data. You choose every single storage location for your fragments. You select the frX ratio - you define the resilience and data availability.


Not even quantum computers can construct data with one single fragment. Cryptographic guarantee & information-theoretic security for data on rest!

No Data Loss

Thanks to secret sharing your data is ideally stored for a long-time. Even if one of your fragments is not available, the existing fragments are sufficient to reconstruct your data.

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