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ProCom-Strasser GmbH

ProCom-Strasser was founded 1991 by Werner STRASSER in Vienna.
Our goal was always to deliver best of breed technical solutions to our customers - private orgs and government.

We build and integrate great products to solve your business problems.

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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is the largest non-university research institute in Austria. In the context of comprehensive and global networking and digitization and in close cooperation with manufacturers, infrastructure operators, authorities and public institutions, internationally recognized experts are working on modern information and communication technologies (ICT) and systems in order to establish secure and reliable critical infrastructure. End users are involved in the development process from the beginning in order to ensure the high quality and acceptance of the systems. The entire innovation process, from component development through to final user interface design is constantly evaluated with all stakeholders involved. Full conformity with European, social and legal framework conditions is central to the acceptance of the technologies developed.