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Partnership between Maxeler Technologies and fragmentiX 

(Vienna/Austria, April 7th 2021): Maxeler Technologies (Maxeler), based in London UK, pioneers
Maximum Performance Computing, and fragmentiX Storage Solutions (fragmentiX) based in
Klosterneuburg Austria, leaders in protected multi-cloud storage, are partnering to deliver maximum
performance and ultra-secure-by-design data storage and computing solutions.

"Protected by hard-to-penetrate FPGAs and distributed in fragments calculated via Shamir's Secret
Sharing, the fragmentiX-Maxeler solution offers unprecedented data secrecy while offering scalability of
multiple public cloud vendors, combined with hybrid and on-premise storage where needed," says Oskar
Mencer, CEO of Maxeler Technologies.

"Every person and every company deserves digital sovereignty and peace of mind when storing sensitive
data or industrial intellectual property. Such Guaranteed longtime privacy is especially important when it
comes to medical and genomic data with potential consequences for multiple generations," says Werner
Strasser, CEO of fragmentiX Storage Solutions.

Based on their combined market experience in scientific computing, government and finance, Maxeler
and fragmentiX closely cooperate to provide data optimized specialized HPC environments with the
highest possible performance and, at the same time, with the highest possible data protection.
The products of both companies work together in several situations:
Maxeler’s M-Space ( Data Platform: the collaborative research and development
environment gets strongest data protection by using fragmentiX’s integrated data storage architecture.
Maxeler’s MAX5 acceleration technology: the Maximum Performance cards bring a customizable
architecture to any given computational challenge and will be used in future Generations of fragmentiX
products to boost performance and features available to the users.
fragmentiX CLUSTER: the FPGA based Maxeler miniMAX offers additional protection for the 10GB/s
WAN connections of fragmentiX CLUSTER nodes against x86 CPU related vulnerabilities like Spectre and
Meltdown. The miniMAX appliance increases security on any standards-based network connection with
real-time performance to mitigate all known and - as far as technically possible – still unknown
vulnerabilities of major CPU technologies worldwide.
Further inquiry notes:
About Maxeler Technologies Inc.:
Maxeler Technologies, Inc. pioneers Maximum Performance Computing with appliances, software and
consulting services to solve our clients tough computing problems. At Maxeler, we are passionate about
performance and providing competitive advantage. At the core, Maxeler utilizes Multiscale Dataflow
technology which is available on-premise as well as on the public cloud for elasticity, reliability and
business continuity. Maxeler’s custom hardware based security solutions and collaboration products
bring otherwise impossible challenges within reach.

Maxeler Technologies Inc. Media Contacts:
Shantel Holmes,,
Tel.:+44 203 771 6538

About fragmentiX Storage Solutions GmbH:
fragmentiX Storage Solutions GmbH is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of secret sharing
storage appliances. Digital sovereignty and digital resilience is achieved by applying established
algorithms - first published by Adi Shamir in 1979 - to industry-standard hardware with a purpose-built,
hardened operating system. fragmentiX enables its customers to protect data in hybrid storage
environments by eliminating the risk of leaking S3 buckets. The need to trust a single storage provider no
longer exists - because only the user knows where their data fragments are stored - and even if a
fragment of that data is stolen, it is useless to the thief. The Information Theoretical Security (ITS)
provided by fragmentiX is one of a very few ways to start protecting data against future quantum
The growing need for storage can now be met in public and private cloud storage scenarios with the help
of fragmentiX and 5-year mission-critical support provided within 4 hours by DELL technicians
worldwide, whether it's sensitive medical data, disaster recovery in the cloud, or implementing a costeffective
long-term digital archive.

fragmentiX Storage Solutions GmbH. Media Contacts:
Nadine Wallner,,
+43 2243 24203-110

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