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Please feel free to download images and documents on this page or check out all the partners in the OpenQKD consortium.
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fragmentiX logo  |  Download

fragmentiX CLUSTER  |  Download

Werner Strasser (CEO fragmentiX Storage Solutions GmbH), coordination use case Graz  |  Download 

Univ.-Prof. Kurt Zatloukal (Medical University Graz), project lead & coordination use case Graz  |  Download 

DI (FH) Bernd Stockinger (CEO of Citycom Graz)  |  Download 

Florian Kutschera, Senior Technician (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)  |  Download

Dr. Lisa Setaffy (Medical University Graz)  |  Download 

Dr. Luka Brcic, Diagnostics & Pathology Research Institute (Medical University Graz)  |  Download 

OpenQKD use case Graz - technical overview  |  Download 

OpenQKD use case Graz - test unit at Medical University Graz 01  |  Download 

OpenQKD use case Graz - test unit at Medical University Graz 02  |  Download 

Cerberis3 (from ID Quanitque) used for OpenQKD project  |  Download 

OpenQKD digitizing lab at Medical University Graz  |  Download 


Datasheet fragmentiX CLUSTER in English  |  Download

Datasheet fragmentiX CLUSTER in German  |  Download

Datasheet ID Quantique Cerberis 3 QKD System in English  |  Download


further information

ID Quantique - QKD explanation | read more

ID Quantique -  random number generators based on quantum physics  |  read more


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