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fragmentiX box ONE, THREE, FOUR  

fragmentiX box - protects your most important business assets

Your stored data, from business data to customer data, is not only interesting and lucrative for internet giants but also for hackers and criminals. When sensitive data falls into the wrong hands, a multitude of problems arises: expenditure of time, reputation loss, financial loss, legal problems, etc. You should be aware that data can be hacked by both, external and internal persons.

Download the fragmentiX box datasheet.

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Cryptographic guarantee through Secret Sharing 

+ Quantum Safe

+ Secure end-to-end storage solution

fragmentiX technology

fragmentiX Storage Appliances ensure that directories and files that are copied or moved to these "fragmentiX drives" are divided, securely distributed and stored on storage locations of your choice. The operating system frXOS provides network drives for all common network protocols at the green marked "LAN port" of the device. Even in mixed environments, the appropriate drive shares for Windows, MacOS and Linux devices can be provided simultaneously. Those fragments are made available to the users at the network drive/share by these storage locations for reading or editing. To the users storing data with fragmentiX is not more complicated than storing it on a local file server.                    

Act for your digital sovereignty. A call or message will take you closer to your digital sovereignty.

To the users it is not obvious that sensitive data is stored with fragmentiX and not on the local file server.

The hardware is designed for use in businesses from SME's to corporate groups. The fragmentiX boxes ensure with fragmentiX Secret Sharing that data is protected with real information-theoretic security (ITS). Data is stored completely transparent for the administrator on up to 26 freely definable storage locations in S3 compatible buckets. The optimal mix of public and private S3 storage locations can be selected for each use case using a scenario definition.

fragmentiX Secret Sharing. By specifying the 'frX ratio' you determine how many of the generated fragments are required to restore the original data. The smallest 'frX ratio' of 2/3 or '2 out of 3' means that out of three generated fragments at least two are required to restore the data. It does not matter 'which two' files from the set of three fragments are available - all fragments are equal. 

How does fragmentiX Secret Sharing work?

Information-Theoretic Security. Thanks to its secure and hardened architecture and the use of secret sharing algorithms tested over many years, the fragmentiX box offers a solution with a cryptographic guarantee. No single fragment contains usable information for an attacker. No part of the original file can be recovered or cracked. The self-defined number of fragments generated and required for reading, guarantees that access and reading is only possible by having the minimum number of fragments.

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Storage Locations. All data stored with the fragmentiX box are stored as fragments on the defined storage locations after the cryptographic division into fragments - NO data remains locally on the fragmentiX box. The following storage types can be selected as storage locations:

  • S3 compatible cloud storage on the Internet

  • Local S3 compatible memory available in LAN / VPN

  • USB hard disks or USB sticks connected locally to the storage appliance

The different storages can be combined in any way and a variety of effects such as extreme resistance or digital long-term availability are made possible. Due to the increased redundancy provided by the fragmentiX box, cheaper storage providers can be selected or combined with premium providers and/or local S3 storage. It is also possible to split sensitive data for individual applications only on USB sticks and thus work completely without cloud services.

Configuration and Protection Measures. Changes to the configuration can only be made by an administrator via a specially protected WEB interface. The use of state-of-the-art Crypto-USB sticks ensures that all security-relevant data can only be read on the respective fragmentiX box and be modified by the authorised administrator. Without the YELLOW 'CONFIG ENABLE' USB stick, no one can access the sensitive information.

Industrial Hardware. The fragmentiX box, which is finished in Austria, is designed for long-term stable operation without hardware maintenance. To protect against theft and manipulation by unauthorized persons, the device is prepared for installation in protected rooms with 19 inch server racks. Optionally, they can also be ordered ex works with a suitable safe and the necessary connection cables for all network connections and the power supply.

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Hardened frXOS Software Environment. frXOS - the hardened operating system of the fragmentiX box - was developed in order to make the use for users and administrators both secure and simple. All functions are kept up to date through regular updates, which can be carried out either via the internet or via USB sticks sent to the user. A valid maintenance contract is required to receive the latest frXOS updates at the end of the first year.

Multi WAN. In order to make it more difficult for attackers to intercept fragments, several WAN connections and ISP's should be used.

Products for your Business

Hardened frxOS operating system on industrial PC with robust hardware and protected BIOS. Feel free to download the fragmentiX box datasheet.

fragmentiX ONE
  • Storage Appliance box for SMEs
  • 1 or 2 internet connections
  • INTEL 4 Core CPU
  • up to 8 locations
  • NICS: 1 LAN / 2 WAN
  • € 6,980,- & maintenance 15% p.a.
fragmentiX THREE
  • Storage Appliance box for large workgroups
  • up to 4 internet connections
  • INTEL i5 CPU
  • up to 16 locations
  • NICS: 1 LAN / 4 WAN
  • € 16,720,- & maintenance 15% p.a.
fragmentiX FOUR
  • Storage Appliance box for use in enterprises 
  •  up to 8 internet/VPN connections
  • INTEL i7 CPU 
  • up to 26 locations
  • NICS: 1 LAN / 8 WAN
  • € 26,820,-  &  maintenance 15% pa..

Act for your digital sovereignty. A call or message will take you closer to your digital sovereignty.

You are in Control.

Only you have access to your data. You choose every single storage location for your fragments. You select the frX ratio - you define the resilience and data availability.


Not even quantum computers can construct data with one single fragment. Cryptographic guarantee & information-theoretic security for the data on rest!

No Data Loss.

Thanks to secret sharing your data is ideally stored for a long-time. Even if one of your fragments is not available, the existing fragments are sufficient to reconstruct your data.

fragmentiX products are simple to use long time storage solutions

that are secure even in the age of quantum computers.