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ways how fragmentiX can improve your data security


When lightning strikes, fire breaks out or floods happen, data and thus the work of entire companies is often wiped out within seconds.

Literally thousands of risks exist and locally you cannot protect yourself and your IT against too many of them.

MUlti-cloud backup

No matter what makes your data disappear, corrupted or encrypted by ransomware: a backup to the cloud looks like a good idea.

However, given the risks of public cloud storage leaking or access by governments for whatever reason is a danger to all your sensitive data in backup files. 


To ensure that your data will still be available digitally unchanged several years from now, using a cost-effective public cloud storage facility with a high level of failover and redundancy is a good idea.

By distributing the long-term archive across a larger number of cloud storage providers, you significantly reduce the risk of data loss.

protect sensitive data online & offline

In addition to the various scenarios for using public cloud storages safely with fragmentiX appliances, you can also use the same principles locally.
Mitigate the need to trust a single entity by using a mixture of storage locations – hybrid or local. 


To rightfully share sensitive data with affiliates, the usage of mail or consumer cloud products is often neither legally nor technically acceptable.
By implementing a hybrid and federated storage system with fragmentiX, the configuration can be adapted in multiple simultaneous scenarios. 


Together with partnering organizations / trusted entities, you can decide to share the burden of backups and other storage needs by fragmenting your data to all your federated datacenters.

Download the fragmentiX Application Primer PDF to learn about why you should use Secret Sharing!

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